InBound Traffic


I was heading to LSU Tiger Stadium before a game recently, and as usual, I was stuck in traffic, bumper to bumper for miles. The sheer vision of it all was staggering–everything heading in the same direction. I thought, “What if I could offer something that had folks lined up like this?” That would be exceptional. But often times, getting just a … Read More

The Known and the Unknown

“I just want to get my name out there.” I hear that a lot in the advertising business, and I get it. Business owners, brand managers, and marketing directors want exposure. They want to be top of mind. But here’s the challenge: simply being identified isn’t the same as being known. When I was in middle school, there was this … Read More

You Want Fries With That?

Wouldn’t life be great if people were to seek you out for you expertise? Or If they wanted your product badly enough to pay whatever it costs? People would be lined up, ready to pay you, sort of like a drive through window. If so, you really wouldn’t have to “sell.” You could just take orders. The situation would be … Read More

Why Advertising Doesn’t Work

I’ve worked in the advertising business for over 30 years. I’ve worked with clients and prospects in just about every category of business there is. During my tenure I’ve heard prospects say “advertising doesn’t work” more often than you might think, and it used to really bother me. Not anymore. Now it’s music to my ears. Here’s why: After trying lots … Read More

Brand Quiz

Brand Quiz The word BRAND is thrown out a lot in todayʼs business circles. Just googling the term can lead to more confusion than answers. Hereʼs a little quiz for you on the term “BRAND:” True or False: 1. A brand is mainly your logo, mark, or other image that you use for identifying your company. 2. Your brand is created by … Read More

7 Questions for Building Your Marketing Plan

You know you need a plan for marketing, but it seems like there are so many options, so many ways you can go. Which one is right for your business? In my Marketing Coach Program ™, I’ve created a simple pathway to creating your marketing plan. Seven questions to answer, and the heart of your plan is in place: 1. … Read More

Discovering Different: The First Step to Building Your Brand

  Unless you’re working in covert operations for the CIA, you probably want your company’s brand to be known. You want people to do business with you, and so you advertise. Then you evaluate the results, and if it’s not working, you try something different. And the crazy circle of advertising begins. How frustrating! What if your ads could increase … Read More

Branding on a Budget

Can you fill in these blanks: ? First, let me warn you. You probably won’t like me much after reading below. I’ll tell you why in just a sec… “Come and listen to a story ’bout a man named ______, poor mountaineer barely kept his family_____.” “Don’t Squeeze the ____________.” “The incredible, edible __________.” “______    _______: Don’t leave home … Read More

Never Go Up to the Plate Without a Plan

“I never go up to the plate without a plan. The plan, however, depends on what you’ve seen from the pitcher, what his tendencies are, how you’re feeling that day, what the game situation is, and what he’s most likely to throw at that point in time.” – Will Clark I’m a baseball guy. I love the sport, and I … Read More