Digital Media Made Simple (kinda) Part 2

How Digital Media Works

Last week we introduced the basics of digital media advertising for companies that want to limit expense and waste and reach their best customers effectively. (See “Digital Media Made Simple Part 1”)

Now that you’ve had a minute to digest that, let’s keep going. Fear not- you need not fully understand this stuff to get plenty of benefit from it, so read on…

As with any campaign, it’s good to have an idea of what you are after. I like to simplify things for my clients into three basic categories: Attract, Engage, and Convert.

First, we use digital media to attract our best customers. We attract them by offering them relevant information-even if it’s just a few short words. Recently we increased Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport’s Facebook page likes by 14% in just 30 days by using good creative and relevant headlines.

Next we engage. If they click through to something interesting, relevant, and “fresh,” we are rewarded with activity like page likes, visits, or shares. Now we are interacting with our potential best customers.

Finally, we convert them to customers. There must be some kind of “ask” in the mix. That doesn’t always mean they need to buy online. It can mean whatever you need it to mean: fill out a form, join the mailing list, go to a blog, order more information, or buy the product. Congratulations, you’ve converted them from a simple web user to your customer.

But here’s a warning: stay focused on your main reason for advertising in the first place. There is a real tendency to get paralyzed in the confusion of lingo. “Page Views, click-troughs, impressions, completed views, bounce rates, behavioral, etc.” It’s all good—but keep your focus. Don’t get bogged down in the minutia of digital doublespeak.

I know, you still have questions about how this all works. I do, too, but I know it’s working for my clients, and it will work for you. We just need to build a strategy and know what we’re after.

David Day is a marketing coach, brand architect, consultant, and ad agency owner. He helps clients make good decisions about marketing, advertising, and company culture. Connect with David at

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