The Magic of the Buc-ee’s Brand

The Magic of Buc-ees

I really don’t care much for Halloween. Ghosts and goblins and magic spells just aren’t my scene. October is my birth month, and here in South Louisiana the weather begins to cool down a bit, so I do love this time of year with football, the World Series, satsumas, and boiled peanuts. But you can have the hocus pocus. I … Read More

5 Things Marketers Should NOT Do

5 Things Marketers Should Not Do

For more than 25 years now, I’ve seen marketers come and go. Some are professionally trained and experienced. Some are not. Many are business owners or practitioners who handle their own marketing and advertising for their company. Still others are placed into the role because there’s nobody else to do it. There’s no law or regulation that says you can … Read More

Brand Strength

Brand Strength

A strong brand is worth a ton. It can generate sales, increase profit margins, attract the best talent, and make a difference in the world. Strong brands are resume builders, money-makers, and culture influencers. They can outlast negative press, build trust in consumers, and create barriers to entry for competitors. Conversely, weak brands can’t. A brand is everything your audience … Read More

Five Company Killers You Never Saw Coming

5 company killers

“As a business owner, entrepreneur, or company leader, I have my proverbial thumb on the pulse of my company. I know when it’s doing well and when it’s not.” I remember when I used to think like that. Then there was the company that was rocking along making good money, with happy employees and a great list of clients that … Read More

Junk Floats

Floating trash [cropped]

My friend Brad recently described his business situation to me over a cup of coffee. He said that just 18 months ago, things were really good. He was making very good money, and his company was highly profitable. He had lots of employees, and new business seemed to just happen on its own. His products and services were in high … Read More

Did You Waste Your Money?

Blog pic

You were all-in with that sponsorship. They splashed your company brand all over the cover, put your banners on display, and gave you credit on the radio and online. You even got to address the audience at the podium, and you had a table front-and-center for you and your guests. You were going to be a household name to your … Read More

A BRAND new look


For my twin daughters’ birthday, Sue and I promised we would redecorate each of the girls’ rooms. They were turning 16, and although their rooms were both quite cute and fairly well done, it was time for an update. “My room just doesn’t represent who I am. It’s un-inspiring,” they would say. And so, a few trips to the paint … Read More

Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing Trends 2016

Yea, believe it or not 2016 is here, and the reality is that many of us have only just begun to plan our marketing and advertising for this year. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t seem to make those decisions in October! Have no fear. While some opportunities have ended, others are still available to us. For … Read More

Brands That Build Business

Building brands

Branding is a widely used but largely misunderstood term in the advertising world. Some seem to think that branding is simply “getting your name out there” or “putting your logo on it.” They believe that getting the business and closing the deal should be left up to the sales team. So, why do we see so much money, time, and … Read More

The Process of Creativity

Ideas to money

Every business needs creativity. Whether you’re an advertising agency like mine, a CPA firm, or a surgeon—you need to be creative to run a business. Of course, that creativity may be applied differently depending upon the need and nature of your business. New ideas, processes, and solutions all begin with creativity. When we ask “What if…,” we have begun the … Read More