Talk is Cheap, But It Can Cost You

Talk is Cheap

If I were to ask 100 people their most important advice on Leadership, I’d get 100 different answers. Perhaps no topic in the world is more common and less understood than Leadership. All 100 answers may be excellent, but none are really ever complete. While we can’t solve that problem here, we can discuss one leadership trait that’s been on … Read More

Junk Floats

Floating trash [cropped]

My friend Brad recently described his business situation to me over a cup of coffee. He said that just 18 months ago, things were really good. He was making very good money, and his company was highly profitable. He had lots of employees, and new business seemed to just happen on its own. His products and services were in high … Read More

The Secret to Productivity – Part 3

Productivity 3

Learning how to slow down and think it through is counter-intuitive for the American worker. In the advertising business, we have to be creative, which is impossible without slowing down and thinking it through. Yes, we’re naturally talented at coming up with ideas and exercising creativity, but truly good creative (we use that word as a noun in our biz) … Read More

Marketing Strategy- Real or Counterfeit?

Marketing strategy

I’ve heard that years ago the Department of the Treasury’s Secret Service did not teach their agents (the famed “G-men”) how to identify counterfeit bills—at least not at first. Instead, they would teach them how to identify the real thing. Agents would study the real designs, paper, and ink with painstaking detail so that the tiny nuances that make the … Read More

Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

Customer Service

Standing in line at the checkout. Three cashier lines open, ten people deep in each, and employees walking around like it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. You ask for half-sweet iced tea. Not sweet, not unsweet, but half sweet. The waitperson rolls her eyes and makes a note in between the click and pop sound of her chewing gum. The real estate closing … Read More