Brands That Build Business

Building brands

Branding is a widely used but largely misunderstood term in the advertising world. Some seem to think that branding is simply “getting your name out there” or “putting your logo on it.” They believe that getting the business and closing the deal should be left up to the sales team. So, why do we see so much money, time, and … Read More

Marketing Strategy- Real or Counterfeit?

Marketing strategy

I’ve heard that years ago the Department of the Treasury’s Secret Service did not teach their agents (the famed “G-men”) how to identify counterfeit bills—at least not at first. Instead, they would teach them how to identify the real thing. Agents would study the real designs, paper, and ink with painstaking detail so that the tiny nuances that make the … Read More

Digital Media Made Simple (kinda)

Digital Media

Nope. I’m not gonna bore you with talk about algorithms and how few microseconds it takes to deliver online advertising. I’m not even going to try to explain, even if I could, how the digital marketing world works in general. What I will do though is share with you a bit of what I have learned about digital media because … Read More

Fast Food Lessons

Fast Food Lessons

I remember years ago sitting in a closed meeting at the corporate HQ of a major fast food company. The discussion among the leadership centered on advertising. At the time, few spent more money on advertising than this burger giant. A comment made by the company VP of Marketing astounded me. It was one of those quotes that not only … Read More

Its Not About You

It's not about you

It’s Not About You Have you ever run into an acquaintance with whom you haven’t spoken in years? At first you were pleasantly surprised and happy to see them, but as your old friend continued to talk about himself constantly, sharing details that were relevant to no one but himself and boring you with self-aggrandizing stories- you began to regret … Read More

Small Business, Big Marketing

You don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar brand to act like one. There are lots of things you can do that the big brands do –but without the huge marketing budget. Here’s what the big brands do, and you should too. 1. Focus on quality. Every successful brand has quality standards for their product, service, or both. Do you … Read More

Discovering Different: The First Step to Building Your Brand

  Unless you’re working in covert operations for the CIA, you probably want your company’s brand to be known. You want people to do business with you, and so you advertise. Then you evaluate the results, and if it’s not working, you try something different. And the crazy circle of advertising begins. How frustrating! What if your ads could increase … Read More