Did You Waste Your Money?

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You were all-in with that sponsorship. They splashed your company brand all over the cover, put your banners on display, and gave you credit on the radio and online. You even got to address the audience at the podium, and you had a table front-and-center for you and your guests. You were going to be a household name to your … Read More

Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing Trends 2016

Yea, believe it or not 2016 is here, and the reality is that many of us have only just begun to plan our marketing and advertising for this year. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t seem to make those decisions in October! Have no fear. While some opportunities have ended, others are still available to us. For … Read More

Billboards: The Large Medium

Billboards: The Large Medium

Love them or hate them, those giant advertising signs along the roadway are a powerful presence. But billboards, part of what we in the ad biz refer to as “out of home,” or “OOH” advertising, are some of the most misunderstood but effective of all advertising options. Most advertisers have at least considered billboard advertising, but unless you know a … Read More

Are You Ready for Autumn?

Are you ready for autumn

I know, it feels like summer just started, and it did officially. But in the advertising world, you need to stay at least 90 days ahead of the game. That pretty much puts you in the middle of autumn. I like to stay a year ahead if possible, but at the very least, we should be thinking right now about … Read More

Why Your Advertising Isn’t Working

Why your advertising doesn't work

“The sales rep said this was the right schedule. “ “This worked the last time we did it.” “I’m probably not spending enough money.” “I’m probably using the wrong media.” We’ve all been caught at the end of an anemic ad campaign wondering what happened, thinking the best we can hope for is to have learned one more thing not … Read More