Lessons from a Laser Beam

Lessons from a Laser Beam

When I was a kid, I used to play with my grandpa’s magnifying glass. He used it to read the fine print. I used it to, well, to learn important life lessons. After looking at every book or photograph in detail, I got bored.  After all, I was only six, so I did what any industrious six-year old boy would … Read More

Habitual Success

Habitual Success

As we dive into the New Year, there are thousands of blogs, posts, articles, and books about planning and strategy that you can read that would be really helpful to you and your business. But this isn’t that. Nor is this a blog post about making or keeping New Year’s resolutions, although if I were going to make a resolution, … Read More

Talk is Cheap, But It Can Cost You

Talk is Cheap

If I were to ask 100 people their most important advice on Leadership, I’d get 100 different answers. Perhaps no topic in the world is more common and less understood than Leadership. All 100 answers may be excellent, but none are really ever complete. While we can’t solve that problem here, we can discuss one leadership trait that’s been on … Read More

The Magic of the Buc-ee’s Brand

The Magic of Buc-ees

I really don’t care much for Halloween. Ghosts and goblins and magic spells just aren’t my scene. October is my birth month, and here in South Louisiana the weather begins to cool down a bit, so I do love this time of year with football, the World Series, satsumas, and boiled peanuts. But you can have the hocus pocus. I … Read More

5 Things Marketers Should NOT Do

5 Things Marketers Should Not Do

For more than 25 years now, I’ve seen marketers come and go. Some are professionally trained and experienced. Some are not. Many are business owners or practitioners who handle their own marketing and advertising for their company. Still others are placed into the role because there’s nobody else to do it. There’s no law or regulation that says you can … Read More

Brand Strength

Brand Strength

A strong brand is worth a ton. It can generate sales, increase profit margins, attract the best talent, and make a difference in the world. Strong brands are resume builders, money-makers, and culture influencers. They can outlast negative press, build trust in consumers, and create barriers to entry for competitors. Conversely, weak brands can’t. A brand is everything your audience … Read More

The Technology Trap

The Technology Trap

Technology has changed a lot of things in our industry. My advertising firm, The Day Group, is now 21 years old, and in that time I’ve seen the evolution of technology from a small business standpoint firsthand, from fax machine to Dropbox, hard drive to the cloud, and desktop to device. Back in the day if you googled someone, you got … Read More

Leadership Qualities

Leadership p3 [wordpress]

Passivity is rampant. True leadership is in rare supply.  But that means that true leadership stands out. If you were to ask someone what the qualities of leadership are, you may get a variety of answers. The list is long, and most would be the typical answers: strong, dedicated, brave, committed, persuasive, etc. I agree! But I think there is … Read More

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities

People are starving for true leadership. In the absence of it, they tend to follow anyone with a microphone, and that can lead to some pretty screwed up situations. Just take a look around you. Where do you see true leadership? Where do you see the posers? The good news is that this void of quality leadership means that true … Read More

Leadership Problems

leadership problems

I remember standing next to US Army (ret) General “Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf, the leader of the US invasion of Iraqi during Desert Shield, before his address to a crowd of McDonald’s agency people back in 1993. He was a big barrel-chested guy and he held command even in a suit and tie. He was jovial, full of life, and seemed … Read More